BRIDGES To Success: Delivering Independence Through Personalized Care

At BRIDGES to Success, our mission is clear and heartfelt:

Building Relationships and Independence through Determination, Guidance and Educated Supports

We developed this program to give people more independence, allowing them to live in the least restrictive situation possible. We know our clients thrive when they are in familiar, comfortable and loving surroundings and have access to personalized supports tailored directly to their needs.

BRIDGES stands for:

    • Building Relationships with the community in which you already live. We want to help you develop relationships with your neighbors, your faith community and your social groups.
    • Independence. We help you live as independently as you can. This means that we design services and care around you only—no two service plans will be the same. With our help, you build and maintain independence.
    • Determination. We help you work toward your goals, not ours. We’ll help you figure out how to get there and support you every step of the way.
    • Guidance. Part of our role is to help guide and encourage you to keep going and keep reaching your milestones. We’re here to help you be successful, happy and independent.
    • Educated Support. We are fully dedicated to providing our staff with the training and resources necessary to support them in their jobs. We have an excellent record of retaining the best employees because we care about them and we all care about you.



How We Live Out Our Mission

As important as helping someone build and maintain independence is, keeping them safe and secure is also a priority. We developed our BRIDGES to Success program with precisely this balance in mind.

Our dedicated support staff will help you or your loved one in all facets of safely living an independent lifestyle in the setting that is most appropriate for you, either in your home, a family member’s home, or a location out in the community.

Where We Came From

BRIDGES to Success came into existence because we saw the need to offer alternatives to group-home or assisted-living homes for people who really did not need to be in one. While we also offer our same caring and professional services in group-home and assisted-living facilities through our other companies, our BRIDGES programming services allow individuals to live independently in the least restrictive environment possible.

Moreover, we know that cookie-cutter programs are not successful for our clients. So we emphasize person-centered, personalized care. You come first in all our decisions, not the other way around. Your plan is based on your lifestyle, your goals and your needs.

Started in 2010, BRIDGES to Success offers a wide range of services across Minnesota. We help adults with mental health concerns, adults living with brain injuries, and adults with physical disabilities thrive and live independently with personalized care programs designed to meet their unique needs.

Contact Bridges to Success

How Can We Help You Build Your Independence? Call to Find Out.

Contact us to arrange a visit with one of our team members. We will come to you, wherever you are, to talk with you about what you need to build independence while remaining safe, healthy and engaged. We’ll then promptly develop a plan that uniquely fits your lifestyle and meets your goals.

Reach out today. We are excited to meet you and help you or your loved one live a vibrant and independent life!